Sam-Rone was founded in 1977 in Paris by Mr Sam-Rone. A former craftsman who decided to venture into the world of fashion and fur.

The young designer had previously proven himself for famous designers such as Lancel or Litz.

It is in his workshop that a real passionate and experienced team is formed. Thus the first Sam-Rone collection was born.

The brand’s first steps

In love with elegance and self-taught, he made his first show on the prestigious catwalks. Offering a wide choice of creations in Calais fur and lace. His creations began to be worn by the great actresses of the time.

The house stands out for its brightly coloured models and its ample and voluminous cuts. For a long time, Sam-Rone’s pink and bright blue were coveted and were at the origin of its success.

Sam-Rone soon became a brand reserved for a certain elite.

The 90’s

In 1989 and 1990 the designer was twice awarded the Fur Oscar. A highly coveted award throughout the world, which helps to shape his reputation. From then on, he only works with extremely noble materials.

The year 1995 was the year in which exhibitions at international fairs began. Milan, Frankfurt, Munich, Madrid, via Paris and in particular the designers’ fair at the Tuileries. Where he was congratulated by Minister Madelin. He is also at the origin of a dazzling fashion show for the managers of the 5th channel. But also of a fashion show for the election of Miss France. Commented by the great journalist Léon Zitrone.

2000: the prestigious muses’ year

In 2000, many international muses now represent the brand, including several actresses. Then it is Adriana Karembeu, whom Sam-Rone chooses to convey the image of the brand. Who signed the opening of a sumptuous boutique at 23 Faubourg Saint-Honoré in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

The materials

Over time the brand has grown and offers more and more different materials. Always as luxurious as ever, such as Agnona’s cashmere. But also the sumptuous materials from Piacenza. Hence, this has enabled the company to launch a new way of wearing fur.

Today, the company works with leather with undeniable talent and offers collections that are in line with the times.

In a word, Sam-Rone enjoys satisfying the desires of a clientele that loves fashion and luxury.

« Charm and insolence »